Christmas in the Woodshop

Better late than never I suppose. This Christmas was a bit challenging for us after getting several bouts of bad news but we were ready to face the challenges and come out better for it. All of the pieces here feature wood sustainably sourced from the grounds of Sandy Creek Manor and can be created […]

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Now Available at Brightly’s

We’re very excited to announce we now have a stand in the Brightly Farm Market! We thought this would be a natural partnership since our bees already forage their fields to make our delicious honey. You can find a great assortment of high quality seasonal produce along with a fantastic selection of home cooked items […]

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Halloween at Sandy Creek

The weather is turning, the leaves are changing, there’s a fright in the air. It’s pumpkin carving season at Sandy Creek. What Halloween would be complete without some jack-o-lanterns carved up by the kiddos. The girls dove right in scooping pumpkin guts out and flinging them everywhere (sorry mommy). Turns out not everyone was thrilled […]

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Fall Endeavors

With a little help from the little beekeepers, we were able to pull in all our supers and harvest our honey. This year we hauled in about 14 gallons of honey. We had to leave quite a bit on the hives to let the bees finish capping the frames off but the weather suddenly went […]

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Ellie’s gets her wall back

Next up we have Ellie’s room. When she was born, Ellie’s nursery was painted in neutral colors with a stencil on the wall. We had to leave that magnificent work behind when we moved to New York but we’ve finally been able to bring her wall back. Many of her original nursery design elements remain […]

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Our new bathroom

Winter is upon us. The bees are tucked away, the air bites with cold and snow covers the ground. I can’t think of a better place to work than inside, much lower risk of frostbite.Where to start? By renovating a bathroom which was sorely in need of attention. Who puts carpet in a bathroom? Put […]

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Honey Harvest

​What a surprise Mother Nature had in store for us this year. A cold spell in March and April lead to a pleasant May. The summer seemed to have rain every other day and now a warm fall. Even the flora can’t quite make sense of this year giving us a light second bloom of […]

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Independence Day Update

​ApiaryThe swarms keep coming. It seems even honeybees want to celebrate their independence by leaving the hive to practice their version of manifest destiny. This may have been the easiest swarm we have caught to date. We simply clipped the thin, head height branch and took them away. At Sandy Creek Manor, we’re out of […]

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Swarm Season is Upon Us

​Swarming started late this year due to the unseasonably cold weather.  We didn’t get anything in before the apple blooms disappeared but we’ve been pretty active since. So far we’ve gotten five swarm calls. We hope for more but we’re quickly running out of space.  We’ve covered swarms from Webster to Waterport and many places […]

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